Vianden Mega Hike
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Embark on the ultimate adventure! The 50 km hike unveils breathtaking landscapes, challenges your limits, and crafts lasting memories. Join for the extraordinary experience!

  • Breathtaking Landscapes: Traverse picturesque trails with awe-inspiring natural beauty.
  • Lasting Memories: Craft unforgettable memories with each step, surrounded by the medieval charm of Vianden.
  • Historic Landmarks: Encounter rich history with notable landmarks along the 50 km route.

1. Participation fee

2. Refreshments and snacks during the hike

3. Finisher certificate and medal

Duration12 Hours
Bring along

1. Comfortable Hiking Gear: Comfortable hiking boots/shoes suitable to hike over a total distance of 50 km.

2. Backpack:Lightweight and comfortable backpack 

3. Navigation Tools: A fully charged smartphone (For Emergencies)

4. Snacks & drinks: Bring your favorite snacks and drinks. 

5. Hydration:Water reservoir or a water bottle.

6. Clothing: Our clothing should be adapted to the a 50 km hike and weather

7. Emergency Supplies:First aid kit 

ParticipantsSpectators free of charge
LanguagesEnglish, French, German, Luxembourgish
Opening hours


Centre Culturel LAREI, Rue Charles Matthias, Vianden, Luxembourg

Offered by

Visit Vianden
9419 - Vianden

Further information

Do you have any questions?

Accommodation: Here you will find a selection of possible hotels, youth hostels or holiday homes

Booking process: After successful payment, an e-ticket with a QR code will be sent to you by e-mail. Bring the printed or mobile e-ticket with you to the check-in desk.

Admission procedure: Go to the Larei (starting point) 20 minutes before your scheduled start. Go to the check-in desk and have your e-ticket ready for inspection.

After the hike: After completing the mega hike, you'll have access to changing rooms and showers.


Before the start: Before the start,there is an option to grab coffee and sandwiches against a fee. (Not included in the ticket)

During the hike: Non-alcoholic drinks and snacks will be served at different points during the hike. The snacks and drinks offered are included in the participation fee. 

After the hike: After the hike, there will be an opportunity to purchase drinks and hot food (Not included in the ticket).



Parking and public transport

Car: Use the Larei car park (opposite the starting point) or the nearby car park at the dam wall. 

Bus: Public buses reach Vianden once an hour from Ettelbruck/Diekrich (180 /181) and from Clervaux (182). The nearest bus stop for the starting point is Vianden, Aale Moart (181 & 182) or Vianden Gare (180). All buses mentioned above are free of charge (within Luxembourg). The timetables of the various buses can be found at .

For further questions, please contact:

36 Reviews
Overall rating
Fun factor
review mega hike Vianden
Overall rating
Fun factor
The indication very good. App perfect. organisation very good.
point to improve are:
- have a place to sit an all control point
- indicate the type of road. I thought it was always in the woods but the last 15 km were all on a road. i did boy have correct shoes for that
by Rotellini Sylvain on 04/13/2024
Overall rating
Fun factor
Ce fut un réel plaisir que de participer à ce Vianden Mega Hike 2024.
Les Informations reçues étaient très explicites
Inscription facile
Parcours très divers pour les yeux et pour les jambes
Balisage impeccable
Ravitaillements aux points contrôles parfaits
Bénévoles accueillants
Et le charme de la ville de Vianden et son château
A refaire en 2025
by Christian ROUSÉE on 04/12/2024
Superbe expérience
Overall rating
Fun factor
Premier 50km fait.
C était une très belle expérience.
Les organisateurs étaient très souriants et bienveillants et l ambiance entre les marcheurs très bonne.
Le parcours était sportif avec de très beaux points de vue.
Le seul point négatif est les 10derniers km sur le bitume.
Mais merci encore pour cette journée et à l année prochaine :)
by Antoine on 04/12/2024

Sorry, this offer is no longer available.

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